26 September 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Flight to Safety, Bread and Circuses

It was 'risk off' today, led by jitters about the worsening situation with the global banks, led by Deutsche Bank.

As such, stocks sold off and Treasuries and gold rallied.

Interesting that both gold and the US dollar sold off today as well.

The 'big debate' is tonight.  Ugh.

Have a pleasant evening.

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Risk Off

Today was a risk off day in the markets as the speculators were selling stocks and buying Treasuries as a proxy for the Douleur du Monde.

Or perhaps more precisely, they were selling its counterweighted currencies in the DX index.

The 'big debate' is tonight.

No debate on what we will be watching here, especially with the queen visiting with friends and relations from North Carolina and Maryland.

The new season of Gotham is all that we have waited for in action drama, and The Big Bang Theory is always a hoot.   And for the young man, there is Monday Night Football.  lol

We don't need to watch the lesser of two evils, and their race to the bottom of the barrel.

Have a pleasant evening.

25 September 2016

David Cay Johnston: The Making of Donald Trump

“The narcissist devours people, consumes their output, and casts the empty, writhing shells aside.”

Sam Vaknin

I make it no secret that I find Hillary Clinton to be both morally repugnant and appallingly dishonest.
The manner is which she secured the Democratic nomination is a signature of the Clinton style.  The Clinton 'charitable foundation' is a beacon for everything that is wrong with the American economic and political system today.

But that does not mean that I am blind to what is being offered by The Donald.

I consider this upcoming national election to be the signal failure of the two party political system as it is today, choked by a self-referential elite, corrupted by a lust for power and big money.

24 September 2016

Autumn Is Here

The Foliage Network

Still far too early for leaves to be changing colours, except for the ones that have fallen because of the mini-drought we had here that was broken when the cold front went through last night.  And those went right from brown to ground.  lol.

Today is just a gorgeous early autumnal day: crisp and sunny. Its always a little cooler up here in the foothills.

The queen is out with visiting relatives from Ohio, and my son is camping and canoeing with friends at the Delaware Water Gap. Dolly and I are just fixing some things around the house and enjoying the weather. And watching the Cubs vs. Cardinals.

All the windows are open, and the local farm stands are heavy with ripe fruits and vegetables.

I think in many ways that Autumn is my favorite season.

23 September 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - No One Left To Blame

"Und das große Feuer in Soho
sieben Kinder und ein Greis -
in der Menge Mackie Messer, den
man nicht fragt und der nichts weiss.

Und die minderjährige Witwe
deren Namen jeder weiss
wachte auf und war geschändet -
Mackie, welches war dein Preis?"

Berthold Brecht, Die Moritat von Mackie Messer, 1928

“It is my position that the fundamental problem with American media isn’t that it’s too conservative or too liberal, but that it’s directly connected to elite opinion and reflects those interests and concerns.”

Michael Arria, Medium Blue

Gold and silver ended the day largely unchanged, digesting the rally that followed the FOMC announcement on Wednesday.

Gold and silver both look to be coiling for a move.  They may go lower again to touch that support line, and if they do the point at which they find support may be revealing.

Or not.  We may finally get the long anticipated breakout higher.

The elite are running out of excuses, and others to blame.  That does not mean they will cease their efforts to excuse themselves and shift the responsibility for their mistakes to others.

They may just double down, as they have been doing off and on since before the turn of this century.

What does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but loses himself?

In the end, that is the only real tragedy.

Have a very pleasant weekend.

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - And It Is

Stocks gave a little back after a week of record gains.

Next week will have a little more economic news.

Have a pleasant weekend.